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Balance is life

Balance is something which you find everywhere in yoga.

You do an asana on one side and on the other side. You activate through asana and then relax in savasana. You actively participate in your life and then withdraw for meditation.

Why find balance?

You find balance to create equanimity. Equanimity is described as evenness or stability of mind, especially under stress. This does not mean you do not feel anger or frustration, or that you won't laugh so hard you pee your pants. It doesn't mean you constantly walk around with a 'Mona Lisa smile' on your face. This means you feel the whole spectrum of emotions without holding on to one in particular. So you can always return to you center, to who you are.

You can practice balance everywhere and at any time.

How do you practice balance?

By looking inside, by checking in with yourself to see where you stand. Are you letting go of that anger, jealousy or resentment? Or are you stuck there? Maybe you have a tendency to eat a lot of sweets. Or you spend 3 hours a day in the gym.

In Yoga ou can identify where you get stuck, you can learn to let go. You can find something in that person to be grateful for, you can eat a piece of fruit, or go for a relaxing stroll.

In Yoga we identify those areas where we need more balance and work on them. We come together in a community to help and support each other, without judgement.

With yoga you create balance

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