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Breath of Life

Breathing seems so natural. It is your first necessity in life. But what when your breath is labored? When your breath goes out of control? How do you regain your breath as your own? Can you train your breath?

When breath is labored

When you have had an anxiety attack, or when you are asthmatic, you know that breath is everything. There can be so many situations that your breath seems to have a life of its own. It does not flow naturally anymore. You cannot get enough breath. Maybe even to the point that you pass out.

Not getting in enough breath can also trigger feelings of anxiety

Learn to breath

It is not commonly known that when babies are born, they need to learn how to breath. They need a constant reminder that they need to breath. An easy solution is to hold your baby close; to carry your baby in a wrap or sling. This stimulates the baby to follow the breath of the parent, grandparent etc.

For adults it may look a bit crazy to be held by another adult, but can have the same beneficial result. When a person is having an anxiety attack, a strong embrace by a calm person can help them feel safe and enable them to follow the breath of the person holding them.

When you own your breath, Nobody can steal your peace.

Learning about the breath, different types of breath and breathing can help so much in any kind of mental and physical challenge. It can help with anxiety and burn out. It can help your physical performance in another sport.

In yoga class breath is an essential part. With every movement a different aspect of the breath can be infused into that movement. Sometimes the breath is the movement. So come to class and experience breath for yourself.

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