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Sometimes life isn't clear.

You squint your eyes, but still you cannot see clearly. But do you need everything to be crystal clear?...

Even though this photo is out of focus, you can still see that I am making a split against the wall. You do not need to polish the picture to make out the pose.

Sometimes that is all that matters. Life isn't crystal clear. It is like murky water, or an out of focus photo. And you make due. You use what you have. You can thrive right there.

It's what makes life interesting. It is what makes all of this exciting. Not knowing everything, not seeing everything.

It means you can still polish the picture, clear the water, improve your focus.

Yoga is the same. You do not need to see (or know) everything to do yoga; or to enjoy yoga. You learn along the way.

Over time, there will be a more clear focus on that one goal. And that is when your focus will shift again, to something more distant.

It is the road you walk which is important. Not the end goal.

This means there is still something to explore. Let me help you explore and guide you through the murky waters. PM me for an intake Personal Yoga Training. #PracticeLifeOnYourMat


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